The Joint Health Revolution

CH-Alpha contains FORTIGEL® , an active ingredient proven to promote joint health.

We developed CH-Alpha to help people to enjoy an active lifestyle and to keep their joints flexible.

CH-Alpha with unique Bioactive Collagen Peptides® is the first product that really keeps your joints strong and flexible through the natural regeneration of joint cartilage. It gives people back quality of life.

70% of the cartilage substance consists of collagen. Collagen makes the joints smooth and flexible. Unlike many other products, CH-Alpha is a natural product. No side effects or interactions with drugs are known.

Where to purchase CH-Alpha

CH-Alpha is a product Made in Germany, distributed internationally.
Please contact our national distribution partners.


Joint Health USA, LLC

Germany Quiris Healthcare GmbH & Co.KG
Austria Scholz Labor- und Klinikversorgungs GmbH

Tramedico N.V.


Vivapharm S.A.

Italy VitaResearch
Turkey Eurokim
Jordan Legend Drug Store
Singapore Zen ‘Yu
Egypt Biotech Pharma Ltd.
United Arab Emirates Al Inmaa Drug Store
Iraq Legend Drug Store
Vietnam Phana Pharma
Macedonia & Kosovo Helios Medikal
Slovak Republic HealthWay, s.r.o

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